Angel Rock Leap

Angel Rock Leap

I have received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 


My honest thoughts: Not my cup of tea. Not my book. I felt so bored with Sarah’s whining and philosophical thinking. She was just a pain in the butt. I honestly disliked her very much.

I am DNF’ing this book, as I could barely stand the character. I got to half-way in the book, and I just hated what the author was presenting.

I think I just picked the wrong genre to play with.  If you enjoy young adult or anything in that category this isn’t yours. Of course, you could try, though I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. Unless you’re into things like this, where a girl is kicked out of school and needs to deal with the real world.

The idea of the book was just infuriating towards me

1 star for Angel Rock Leap 


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