The Bullying of Natalie Cordova

I received this book in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley. 

God, I loved this book. While I didn’t like some parts, I devoured this book. It was only 220 pages, though those pages were worth it.

Basics: this book is about bullying, and how the main character (Natalie) turns insane thanks to these idiots.

Spoilers ahead

I enjoyed when Natalie starts killing the group that bullied her. I loved what her plan was, and I enjoyed that she finally stopped acting like a victim.

I could beg for more of this book, just because of how gruesome this story is. I loved how the author would describe how she murdered them, it was just amazing story-telling skills that not everyone can develop.

I just loved this book, and wish there was a sequel to it!

End of spoilers

4 stars for The Bullying of Natalie Cordova 


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