The Girl Who Lied

The Girl Who Lied

I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley. 

This book wasn’t too shabby. It was actually quite enjoyable for me. While it wasn’t something like “the best book of the century” or “a masterpiece” it definitely wasn’t the worst.

While the beginning for me was so very “fast” for me, I enjoyed it still. If you didn’t know what this book is about, it’s about a fatal accident that ruins a friendship between Erin And Roisin. The book is told from Erin’s perspective, though it still makes it so the reader understands Roisin’s perspective. A secret is discovered, and Roisin is so very ready to make Erin pay for what she’s done.

Erin doesn’t want to return since she started a new life, and then, of course, she has to return as of her father’s fatal injury.

What a plot! This just sounds like it’s going to get better and better, and of course, it does. While I wished we had a bit more to the story in the beginning, I still enjoyed it very much.

4 stars for The Girl Who Lied


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