Chronicle of A Last Summer

Chronicle of A Last Summer

Let’s jump in right ahead and start with the obvious. I guess this just wasn’t for me. I hated the writing style. I was really excited when I received this in my mailbox because I was moving and I really badly wanted something summer-y. I was also excited because this was set in Cairo, Egypt! How uncommon is that? It’s an under-used place!

Then, It all came to me. After reading to page 106, I couldn’t take it anymore. The story absorbed me, the plot at least, though the writing made me want to stop every page. I couldn’t stand it. I do enjoy a good NA/Adult novel, though this obviously wasn’t for me. I was disappointed big time.

I just wish this writing style was different. I wish I liked this because it was so different. I know we didn’t get a name from the character, which kind of bothered me at times. I know we’re speaking of something that we don’t need a name. Though, I would’ve given it more stars if the character even received a name!

0.5 star for Chronicle of a Last Summer


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