I Almost Forgot About You

I Almost Forgot About You

Well, let’s start with some basics. I Almost Forgot About You is a nice, light-hearted read for the summer. It was just a beautiful book, with some meaning behind it.
I Almost Forgot About You is about a doctor, Dr. Georgia Young, quits her job and takes a risk. A risk that she didn’t believe she could make, and thanks to this decision, she has to face her fears.
While I don’t want to spoil anything, the reason she quit her job was…moving…it was beautiful. That’s an element in a book you should always add. I loved how the Georgia was different. She’s not some white whiny chick, which is an over-used topic in pop culture, rather she is a beautiful woman who realizes she could do things differently.
This is an inspiring novel, and I’m thinking of reading more of this author’s books.
I’m pretty much speechless in ways to describe this masterpiece. I can’t wait for any more from this author. This wasn’t some crappy utter shit, rather the opposite. I also loved Wanda! Wanda and Georgia were awesome!

*I received a hardback cover from the publisher, big thanks!*


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