Because I Love You

Because I Love You

Disclaimer: I did receive this as a review copy from the publisher in a format of an e-galley! Though, all my thoughts are as honest as they can be. 

Because I Love You is beautiful, heartfelt, and there’s real emotion in it.

Because I Love You is about a teenage pregnancy. Andie fell in love with her best friend, made a mistake, and got pregnant. Though, when Carter, the best friend, and Heather the other best friend finds out, they abandon her. Then comes Neil, her ex-boyfriend who loves her. How cute is that? This is a story of true love and amazing happiness. While tragedies do occur in these types of situations, I still loved this book strongly. From happy crying to balling my eyes out, I loved it all the way.

I won’t ever forget a book like this, that has such strong characters, and it just puts a smile on my face. I never thought a book with this type of subject could be this good.

This topic, is very harsh, though it came from this book in a loving, good way. While teenage pregnancy is a very “bad” subject, this book could be used like a life-guide if you’re in the same situation as Andie.

The mom, she was so supportive, Jill was just amazing, and Neil is bae. ❤

5 stars for this beautiful book. 


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