Heartless by Marissa Meyer

Heartless Marissa Meyer

Non-Spoiler Review


Yet another book by an amazing author. A brilliant, New York Times best-selling author, with a record of breaking hearts or ending a series too soon. The author of the Cinder series – Marissa Meyer.

The book, Heartless, was beautifully written. Although it had a couple of adjustments that you could possibly add into Heartless.

For those of you who haven’t read the book, Heartless follows the young Queen of Hearts – Catherine. Except she isn’t the Queen of Hearts, but a young daughter of a baron and baroness.She lives her everyday life cooking with her best friend (as a maid) by her side counting digits and planning their bakery for once Catherine is no longer worried about the young and foolish king who hopes for her to become his queen.

Heartless is a book that absolutely broke my heart in every single aspect, just like many of Marissa Meyer’s other books. Although it was heartbreaking it was beautiful and majestic too.

Heartless had the effect many books fail to achieve, the what I like to call heartless and heart-broken character after an event effect. They don’t achieve the attention of the reader, and sometimes if done incorrectly I begin to laugh at the writing. But, this was a book that didn’t fail. It broke my heart, and I’m lost collecting all the pieces.

I’m almost speechless, but at the same time, I have so many things to say about Catherine and every event that happened in the book.

But, to summarize: it’s a book you shouldn’t miss. It’s a book that should at once become a YA classic, one could go as far to say. It was brilliant and memorable, all the things you want in a stand-alone novel.

5/5 flowers from me.




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