Changing the Purpose of I Have A Book Blog Now

I Have A Book Blog Now was originally started to allow me to share my thoughts on incredible books like Little Boy Blue, Throne of Glass, and many other books. For the short time that I did this, it has been a journey of changing my reading style and taste. Now that I look back at the books that I’ve loved for so long, I remember each book’s story, and I think everyone should have a chance to feel that way about books, even if it may only be two or so.

As I’ve gone through the year of 2017, I’ve learned so many things that amaze me – and these are now things that I want to commit to. These interests range from quantum biology all the way to creative writing, and they’re now a bit different than reading. These are the things that have a real purpose for me. So that’s why I’m here today, telling you of my love to these subject that others dread, but learn to love.

This blog will remain “I Have A Book Blog Now” but will now include all different kinds of articles about science and political news with a few opinion articles. Although this is a current work in progress, and unlike my reviewing career, this won’t be short-lived.

Reading is still a big part of my life and I’ll continually read books because that’s also what I love, but it’s time for me to do something different.



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